Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sending Sunshine

My BFF (who is amazing!) has been having a run of rough luck as of late. With a quick search around Pinterest, I found that lots of people had ideas on "sending sunshine" in a box. No one of them really fit my needs, but I did get inspired.

First I had to make the box pretty. Thank you overly large scrapbook paper collection and Cricut machine that I don't use often enough.

Then came the shopping! Torture, of tortures - shopping! Ok, that was a fib. I actually LOVE shopping. :)
I went to a couple of different places, to get more of a variety. I hit Target, Wal-mart, Fry's grocery, and Total Wine. I came away with this haul:

Crystal Lite, flowers, banana, bath puff, Milk Duds, Juicy Fruit, lemon tea, Lays Chips, Vanilla Cookies, candle, ducky, Post-its, scarf, nail polish, and an assortment of mini bottles from the liquor store. The intention was for the banana to yellow on the way there. It was still partially green, but since my bestie prefers them that way, it worked out. The scarf was not the only yellow choice but she is also just a little on the rocker side of style, so I thought she would like the studs. The yellow polish was a given, but when I found the more muted gold/yellow I couldn't pass it up since the color name was "Best Friend". I even put it in a little cello bag with a card stock topper telling her to read the color name.

I had some left over ribbon from another project that I used to tie up the flowers and a cute yellow printed ribbon that I tied on the small bottles. I wrote a note on the top page of the Post-It pad. Then I shredded some yellow paper (again thank you way-too-large paper collection) and used it to pack the whole thing up and ship it off.