Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Not So Green Thumb.....

Well, ok maybe a light shade of almost mint green thumb. I started this summer with high hopes for a garden. As the weather is turning colder I will be constructing an actual outdoor raised bed garden. (Ambitious, I know)

For now, since I wanted to get started I used coffee mugs in my kitchen window as starter pots. Why coffee mugs? Because my brother - the TRUCKER - brings me one from every place he visits. Needless to say I am always on the lookout for uses for coffee mugs - but that's a different story.

Cucumber & Jalapeno
So, here are my babies. You will note they have outgrown their mugs. (I guess I will have to plant more in those!) The cucumber vine got so long it needed a trellis so my hubby, Adam , built this one for me out of paint sticks!!

Mind you I have NO idea when (if ever) any harvesting should be done since this is the first plant life I have kept alive more than a week. But I am determined. Wish me luck!