Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Froggy Fun - Banner

Throwing a surprise party is fun. A friend is a huge fan of frogs. Her BF, and the official party planner told me to take the theme and run with it. So I did.

First I cut out some "tags" using my Cricut.
Again, referencing my out of control paper collection, I added green patterned paper mats to each tag.

This part was pretty easy, using scraps from my collection. I made sure that one side of the mats was a perfect 3" to give me even cuts across a 12" paper, which a lot of mine are. I thought about rounding the corners but that seemed like unnecessary extra work.
Next came the letters. Since it was a frog theme, I went with "Hoppy Birthday". I used more scrap and just played mix and match. I also went through all of the fonts on my Cricut and played mix and match with those too.
On either end of "Hoppy" and her name I added this cute little guy.....taken from a Google search for "frog clipart".
I originally knotted the ribbon on the tags, but then they didn't lay right when I was hanging it. So I decided on this little double loop pattern.
It worked out much better. I alternated feeding the first loop from the front, then from the back. The banner laid perfectly after that. I left it in three separate strips since I wasn't sure how big a space I had to hang it at the party location.
And of course I forgot to take a nice photo of it after I hung it up.