Too Long to-do

Every Friday afternoon / Saturday morning I sit down and make my weekend "to-do". It is always too long. Always. Why do I do this to myself? At the end of the weekend I look at the list, take stock, and feel sad that I didn't get more done. I get a lot done. I just never get enough done to make me feel like I did enough. So I am going to start keeping track.
This past weekend the list was:

Box to ship
4 Hours of Work
School Pics
Start Christmas Cards
Yellow Paint (craft store run)
Set Up Blog
Wrap Tags (holiday project)
Christmas Gift list
Clean kid's room
31 day / 15 minute challenge from Becky
House cleaning

So, I think I did pretty well. The ones in red are the ones I didn't get done. Not to shabby for my first shot. list is getting too long again, but at least some of the ones from before have been knocked off. I am getting ready to get in to full swing holiday crafting mode and am pretty excited about it. I needed some inspiration as I was in a funk, so a special thanks to my friend Randi for all her inspiring and fun posts this month as she works with wood.