Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Getting the hang of it......

Still new to the whole concept of blogging. Randi has been essential in my current small successes. And my family is being super supportive as well. Adam just commented that he was happy for me since I found another creative outlet - I should pause here to note that my scrapbook hobby currently consists of hundreds of dollars of unused "stuff".

I am hoping that Becky does not include "craft or hobby space" in her current 31 days of organizing challenge. I may be in trouble if she does. But I am loving having someone to give me inspiration and ideas as well as an outlet to share my ideas.

I have my own idea for a challenge coming up. I was going to start in January but I may need a warm up possibly December. After all, it's not like I am busy with anything during Christmas.

 I must be crazy.