Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Presents

Did I mention there will soon be a teenager (GASP!) in the house? Well, since we have had a rough year (worst ever) we decided to do something a little different in the present department this year. We are doing countdown to Birthday presents. One gift, some small & some not, each day until THE day. Here is what she saw on November 1st.
The Loot Pile
Most of the gifts are from us, but a couple are not. We recruited the family if they wanted to participate.

Here is the list so far:
1. Purple Glitter Nail Polish
2. Journal Boxes for her Smashbook
3. Purple Tank Top (thank you Aero clearance!)
4. Movie Passes 
5. A Light in the Attic - She got so excited opening this one that she ripped the dust jacket a little and I thought she might cry. 
6. An empty box to fill at the old fashioned candy store.
7. Hand painted shell ornaments from Gummy with the Mad Hatter & Red Queen (Johnny and Helena style)
8. Archeological museum tickets
9. Zero candy bar
10. Phase 10 card game 
11. Socks with cats on them 
12. Brady jersey - he is number 12 after all 
13. Year subscription to Seventeen magazine 
14. Alice in Wonderland- of course! It was slumber party time!
15. Family secret.... Sorry ;)
16. Passes to the Phoenix Art Museum

To be continued.......