Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Send a Little Love

Wow, it has been a long time since I have posted anything. In all fairness, I have a ton of half written posts in draft. Maybe I can actually get this one done and posted in a single day......ahh, dreams.

If we are Facebook friends, you probably know that last June my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. Then, in December her mom was also diagnosed. THANKFULLY they are both now done with treatments and are cancer free.

Not being there while my mom was having treatments was a very hard thing. I am sure she was ok, since she is one of the toughest people I know but it was still hard being far away. I wanted to do something for her, but I wasn't sure what would be most helpful. Finally I decided on this:

I can't remember where I got this little plastic box, but I think it might have once been full of rubber bands from Staples. 

I lined the inside with the pretty green paper in order to be able to make the words on the cover. I wanted them protected inside the box when it was closed.

I wanted the insert to be able to stand up all on it's own, so that she could set it next to her chair during chemo, on her desk at work, where ever. The plastic box made it possible for her to fold it and take it in her tote bag or purse. 

Yes, she is really that short.

Two of my favorite photo panels were my wedding day and our photo from our 60 mile Komen 
3-Day event a few years ago. We did that event because this was actually Gram's second go-round with breast cancer. There were photos on both sides of the accordion and I made sure I got all her kids & grand-kids on there, as well as both of her parents.