Wednesday, January 8, 2014

4 in 14 January

So I had this great idea to set goals for myself. I was going to call it "4 in 14" as in, 4 planned activities every month in 2014. So far I am off to a less than stellar start. Weekend one of each month is supposed to be seasonal decor for my home. Now, since I am new to this I was trying to start small so as not to get overwhelmed and give up. I have seen so many neat ideas on Pinterest I decided to dedicate one shelf in my living room built-in to be my makeshift "mantle" and I refer to it as my "pretty shelf".
Sadly, this past weekend I was not able to update the pretty shelf. I was hoping to have it done this week, but that doesn't look like reality either. You see, I decided it would be fun to repaint the living room, which has involved removing our outdated popcorn ceiling.
We have made great progress but this project has taken significantly longer than expected. So, today the pretty shelf looks like this:
New Grey Paint
Just so that I am not at a total loss, I should point out that I gave the pretty shelf an update for Christmas so before the paint mess it looked like this:
Dec 13 Pretty Shelf
I wish I could tell you I know where I got each of these items, but that would not be true. But since this year the Christmas tree was family themed, we busted out the "whimsy" decor. Christmas 2014 will be "Department Store". Stay tuned!!