Thursday, October 16, 2014

Wedding Day Kit

Recently I attended a destination wedding in fabulous San Diego. I don't know about you, but I hate traveling and realizing I forgot something. Especially for events. And because I didn't want my friend's special day to have any hiccups, I came up with my own version of a Bridal Emergency Kit.

The Bag
This is the bag I decided on. It is pretty heavy duty, and as you can see I had her name put on it. I ordered it well in advance from my fabulous friend Laura. And as anyone who knows me can attest, the next thing I did was scour Pinterest for ideas of what to put in this kit. 
Idea List
This was the list I originally came up with. Some were suggestions from Pinterest, others were things that I thought of from past disasters, spills, awkward moments, etc. Once I realized that not all the items on my list would fit, I prioritized them to make sure I had the most crucial covered. 
First Aid

Aches, Pains and Ailments

Beauty Essentials
Respect the Gown
I added some little notes, and grouped things in plastic sandwich baggies. I felt it important to mention I hadn't tried the powder trick, just to make sure I wasn't giving her advice that could potentially ruin her dress! (Gasp!) I also added a granola bar and some small bottles of liquid courage for good measure. 

Have you ever made a kit? If so, what did you put in yours?