Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My Stitch Fix #2

It came!! Another cute little box with the lovely Stitch Fix logo. Again, promised myself I would try on everything. Excuse the slightly fuzzy photos. This time it was the kiddo as photog and she's still learning. I should also mention, I don't look at the price sheet until after I try on, since I don't want cost to be my only deciding factor if I really love a piece. And I know me......that would sway me.

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Rylin Pintuck Detailed Silk Blouse

My first thought was that this looks pretty much exactly like item #1 in Fix #1. This one is black and that one was navy, but they are essentially the same and if you recall I returned that one as well.


Hydie Geo Print Crochet Detail Blouse

Same style....again. And not a flattering style for me. Also the black shoulders are a crochet type panel and the bra straps were showing. I. HATE. THAT. The fabric pattern was just so-so. I am not super in to the geometric patterns that seems popular right now.


Pierson Lace Detailed Short Sleeve Shirt

Not a huge fan of lace or mint. And again, the bra strap issue. I did like that this was an actual short sleeve, which I had asked for, instead of sleeveless.


Hailey Geo Print Tie Waist Dress

I didn't even bother to put shoes on and "style" it as they suggest because laying out I really liked it and was sure about this one. Then I looked in the mirror and thought......oh, what a cute potato sack. Sniffle. I was a little sad.

Tear Filled Goodbye

If you are familiar with Stitch Fix you are probably looking for photo number 5 right now. Scroll on back up to the first three pictures. The jeans were the fifth item. Johnny Skinny Jeans. I love skinny jeans with my boots. They were the right length, SOFT, stretch and comfy, smaller pockets on the bum (which makes a gal's bum look better) and fit like they were custom made for me. It was love. I was sure they were my new favorite jeans.
I cried a little when they went back in the return envelope.