Tuesday, February 18, 2014

4 in 14 February - Recipe

My daughter has been asking, and asking, and asking for Shepard's Pie. Now, I will say that I myself find Shepard's Pie to be delicious. In order to keep it from getting dry, I start with a base of cream corn. Or at least I used to. Did you know there is 400mg of sodium in 1/2 cup?!?!? What!!

The other issue is the cheese. Did you know there is 170mg in just one ounce (Approx 1 slice) of cheddar? For someone who loves to pile on the cheese, this was a problem for sure. So, I did measure out one ounce using a food scale. That was not very much cheese at all. So, our Swiss had only 60mg per ounce. Hence the cheese blend was born.

Current total 240mg

Meat & Potatoes....good to go here.

Current total still 240mg

Now, back to this pesky cream corn.

Thank you Google for being helpful and finding me this cream corn recipe.

 I gathered together the ingredients and did some calculations.
Measured Out
Now, if you read the recipe you will note that salt is listed. Obviously this is not ok for us. So, I left it out. Also, grated Parmesan has 100mg for just a Tbsp and this recipe calls for 1/4 cup. Nope. Deleted. 
The milk cost me 120mg and cream a whole whopping 5mg. 

Current total 365mg 

I was a little nervous going in to this, but here we go....

Ready to Cook
Cream Added and Cooking

All Done, and Not Too Bad!

This total made a 9x9 glass pan - which is the normal size I make for my family. 
Now, let's do some more math....
365mg for the pan / 6 equal size servings cut = 61mg for dinner.